Chemical Peels

Skin rejuvenation and fine line reduction

Chemical peels offer a non-invasive treatment option for reducing the appearance of fine lines and treating acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone, and discoloration. Chemical peels can help exfoliate the skin to encourage the production of new, healthy skin cells for tighter and more evenly colored skin.

Different chemical peels utilize a different type and strength of chemical to cause old skin cells to die and slough off to make way for new skin cells. Sun damaged or discolored skin generally responds well to a chemical peel. Chemical peels can also treat and reduce the recurrence of acne and minimize the appearance of acne scarring. Chemical peels also promote smoother, softer skin.

During treatment, a chemical peel is applied to the face and allowed to sit for the length of time needed to be effective. After treatment, the peel is wiped off and often a moisturizer or cream is applied to the face. Over the next several days, depending on the depth of the peel, the skin may begin to peel and flake as dead skin cells fall off. Tenderness and slight redness may appear for the first few days. For lighter peels, there is typically no visible flaking or tenderness.

Once the treatment is complete, most patients see smoother, clearer skin. Continuing a moisturizer and facial cleansing routine in addition to wearing sun protection is important to prevent additional sun damage and maintain results. Dr. Haven can help patients choose the appropriate chemical peel and aftercare routine.
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